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Top 5 reasons why inflatable SUPs are perfect for your Fall adventures

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Every season brings the opportunity for a new adventure and a new perspective on the outdoors and we think inflatable paddleboards are the perfect companion to see all of this and more. Green Water Sports give us the top 5 reasons why inflatable SUPs are perfect for your fall adventures below!

1. They Are Incredibly Convenient

As the season begins to change to fall and the days get shorter, convenience really is key. Inflatable paddleboards are amazingly lightweight, so wherever your fall adventures may take you, whether it be trekking to a remote lake or gliding down rivers, it’s easy and quick to lift it in and out the water. Along with their light weight, inflatables can easily be rolled up and stored in their accompanying backpack, making it not only easier to carry along on your adventures, but also means they take up minimal storage space. This handy pack down makes them easy to transport, even in the smallest vehicles, on public transport and even on planes! This portability of inflatable paddle boards offers up the ability and freedom of limitless exploration year round!

2. Fun For The Entire Family

The family fun doesn’t have to end with summer, as inflatable paddleboard’s light weight makes them manageable for the kids compared to the bulky and heavy hardboard alternative. Not only are they more manageable for the kids, but also easy to use for the entire family as inflatable paddleboards are more stable, when inflated to the correct PSI, than hardboards as they are generally wider and thicker, giving more volume. This makes them stable in a variety of water states from choppy ocean, to silky smooth lakes, to white water rapids. This stability makes them impressively versatile for all levels and abilities of paddlers and can be used for fishing, SUP yoga, racing, SUP polo and white water paddling just to name a few. For those that are still a little wobbly on their feet, inflatables also have much more ‘give’ so if you do fall, you’re not going to hurt yourself or anyone else with the board. This also makes them much more comfortable underfoot or if you prefer to kneel or sit down.

For parts 3 though 5, head to Green Water Sports and their article: Top 5 reasons why inflatable SUPs are perfect for your Fall adventures

red paddle co 2020

The Red Paddle Co 2020 inflatable SUP range is here

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The 2020 Red Paddle Co range is here. Announced last October, Red Paddle Co HQ blessed us with updated board graphics, improved features and design refinements. How do you perfect perfection?

You can perfect it with an unbelievable 5 year warranty. Once you have your Red Paddle Co board, simply register on the website and you’re good to go. The registration automatically extends your warranty coverage from 1 year to 5 years, for FREE. A brand must really trust and have confidence in their product to offer such excellent coverage.

Read more about the Red Paddle Co 2020 range of inflatable paddle boards.

Since the October launch, the new 11’0″ x 32″ Compact touring inflatable SUP has been announced. A stretched 9’6″ Compact suited to larger paddlers or those looking for more glide. The ultimate touring SUP. Half the size, double the adventure! For more on the 11′ Compact by Red Paddle Co, visit Green Water Sports.

Memorial Day SALE – 15% off Red Paddle Co inflatable paddle boards

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Have you been waiting for the the Red Paddle Co boards to go on sale? Well, now is your chance!

For 10 days only, all 2019 Red Paddle Co inflatable boards and paddles are 15% off. Save up to $375 per board! The 2018 boards were so good they were carried over into 2019 and still dominate the inflatable paddle board world. However, bargain hunters were left high and dry (literally) when the past season gear sales happened, Red Paddle Co boards didn’t go on sale. So, Red Paddle Co is making an exception, we don’t want you to miss out on paddling this Summer. Grab a deal on one of the popular 10’6″ Ride boards, perhaps the 12’6″ Voyager touring board, or try your luck in a local race with the 12’6″ x 28″ Elite racing inflatable SUP.

The sale starts May 17 and runs through to 11:59pm on Memorial Day (May 27). Grab your deal now.

If you’re not sure which board to buy, head on over to Green Water Sports and they’ll help you with all your Red Paddle Co questions and queries. You can also call them on 1-888-252-4983.