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The Outdoor Master Shark II Electric Inflatable SUP Pump Review

By February 19, 2022News

Looking for the ultimate inflatable SUP pump? Green Water Sports have reviewed the Outdoor Master Shark 2. A pump that can effortlessly inflate your board, kayak, and any other type of high-pressure inflatable? Look no further, the Outdoor Master Shark II is a tough and versatile pump that is able to inflate paddle boards up to 20 PSI. The Shark 2 features a sleek, lightweight design, making it highly portable and a pump you’ll find yourself using for not just inflatable paddle boards, but all type of inflatable toys. Outdoor Master have created a versatile, user-friendly pump that comes with all of the features you’ll need to ensure your board is inflated to the precise PSI level, which will improve your board’s performance out on the water.

On average, you can expect a 8-15 minute inflation time. While not faster than manual pumps like the Titan 2 or Tiki Pump, you don’t have to do the work! Outdoor Master claims that this pump is so powerful that it can easily inflate up to three SUPs in a row before it needs a short break. The 20 PSI pressure capacity is just one of the reasons this model is such a best-seller.

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